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As you all know by now we have transitioned out of our old 1770 series window, into our new 3000 series window. The new window offers a more up-to-date design, with nicer features, better performance, and an optional J-Chanel; all at a very competitive pricing structure.

As we outlined during our last communication, the planned changeover to our new product was drastically altered by our vendors decision not to continue to support us. Predictably, this caused some confusion and problems as we worked to get the new product up and running in a matter of days, as opposed to our planned 2-3 months.

This transition was made easier by the understanding, flexibility, and patience from our entire customer base; for which we are extremely grateful.

However, the result of this process has been a large influx of orders from customers who have to get their builder customers transitioned to the new product. This influx of orders has, temporarily, impacted our production and delivery cycles. Currently, for 3000 series orders, we are at a 3-week lead time; for 3400 series orders, we are continuing to maintain a 2-week lead time.

Also, please note that limitations in our computer system preclude us from changing the delivery dates on order confirmations. For the time being, on 3000 series orders, please remember to add a week to the delivery date shown.

We understand this needs to improve and are doing everything we can to get back to normal production and delivery cycle times. We are adding additional production equipment, we are adding additional production personnel, we have added an afternoon swing shift, we are working additional hours, and we are rearranging production line layouts to improve performance and efficiency.

As we work through this temporary issue, we ask for and thank you for your patience and your understanding. We will get back to normal lead times as quickly as we possibly can.

Thank you again

Moss Supply Company Management Team

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