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Order Status!

You can now check your order status and get your sales order confirmation and invoice documents online!

From the Moss website, please click on Order Status:


Enter your Moss sales order number, your Invoice number, PO or Evolve number to go directly to your order after pressing enter or clicking to search.


Your order will show you various things:


This upper portion shows the main order information. You can see your promised ship date, your PO, sales order number, and if the order is still open.


Here shows information about each line item on your order.  If you click options, you can see all the options that make up your window. 

Once your order is sent to production, each window will have a status on it:



On line 5 shown above you can see one of the windows has a red A and the other a green M.  The red A means it is still being built in our facility and the M means that one has been scanned in production as complete.  You can even see a time stamp on when it happened!  The one with the Yellow S shows the window has been scanned onto a truck and ready or already shipped (this is a different order).

To get your documents that might be recorded for this order, click on


Click on what document you like (we are still working to get all documents online and there is a possible delay)

 I asked for an acknowledgment.  Click the radial button by the document you want, once it appears in the Revision box.  This order has no revisions, so there is only one version. Click the email of you would like the document sent to.  Notice, the emails are masked and can only be sent to emails we have on file for billing or sales.  Click SELECT and your document will be emailed to you:


 After the email sends, you will see this:

This is all real time information and you can access it at any time on any internet connected device by going to www.mosssupply.com and following the instructions above.



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