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On February 4th, 2019 we announced an upgrade to our exterior color offering. This upgrade includes stocking material at our Charlotte Manufacturing location to offer Bronze Exterior/White Interior and Black
Exterior/White Interior across most of our product offering. We wanted to improve our lead-time for our customers by eliminating much of the handling that takes place when we were using an outside paint vendor.

We wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone on the status of this change. Currently we can manufacture the following products out of our exterior laminate inventory.

3400 SH/PW Bronze Ext./White Int. Black Ext./White Int.
3600 CS/AW Bronze Ext./White Int. Black Ext./White Int.
3850 SH/PW Bronze Ext./White Int. Black Ext./White Int.
7270/7275 PD Bronze Ext./White Int. Black Ext./White Int.

The following products will be available to manufacture out of our inventory the week of April 8th. This includes 3300 SH/PW/SL, 3400 SL, 3500 DH/PW/SL, 3600 DH/PW/SL, in both Bronze Ext./White Interior and
Black Ext./White Interior.

The 3850 SL is currently available with a with a painted exterior only. Volume on this product does not warrant stocking this material. Extended lead-time will be required.

We can still manufacture about 100 Doors of our 7100/7200/7250/7255 PD Bronze Ext./White Interior. This product will not be offered with an exterior color option once this material is used up.  Contact Customer Service if you would like to order some of this product.

All products with a Beige or Clay Interior will be sent out to be painted as listed on our price sheet. This includes 3300/3400/3500/3600/7270/7275 series products. We will no longer offer paint on our 3000 series
SH/PW and our 7100/7200/7250/7255 series PD. These series are no longer available with an exterior color option with exception listed above for a few more months.

Ralph Wearsch
Moss Supply Company

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